Surjit Bhalla is a Senior India Analyst for the Observatory Group, a New York based macroeconomic policy advisory firm and Chairman of Oxus Research & Investments.

Surjit has taught at the Delhi School of Economics and worked at the Rand Corporation, the Brookings Institution, World Bank, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.  In 1996, he moved back to India to found Oxus Research and Investments, a New Delhi-based asset management firm.

Surjit is on the governing board of India’s largest think tank, NCAER.  He is the author of academic articles as well as three books on globalization and its effects on the world economy, the latest being Devaluing to Prosperity: Misaligned Currencies and Their Growth Consequences (2012).  His first book, Between the Wickets: The Who and Why of the Best in Cricket, developed a model for evaluating performance in sports and was published in 1987.

Surjit is also a regular contributor (over 1000 articles) to Indian newspapers, magazines, and television on financial markets, economics, politics and cricket. He holds a PhD. in Economics from Princeton University.

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