Everything you wanted to know about ODI cricket and more
PublishedFeb 2015

Why read the book?

If you are interested in finding out answers to these questions –
Who are the best and the greatest batsmen, bowlers, captains, teams, and all-rounders in ODI history?
How accurately can cricket matches be predicted?
Which teams and players perform the best under stress?
Who is likely to become the most successful team of this decade, and why?

What’s in the book?

Cricket has its glorious uncertainties, but some things are less uncertain than commonly believed. Criconomics breaks new ground in cricket research by eliminating subjectivity to bring home intriguing truths for both serious as well as casual fans. It explores what really works in predicting player and team performances and shows how batting and bowling can be evaluated in a symmetrical manner.

After reading Criconomics, you will be able to size up batsmen and bowlers, predict first innings scores and chances of successful chases—that too, without even having to use a calculator! The book also speculates on the future of Test, ODI and T20 cricket, and gives recommendations for all the three forms of cricket to flourish.

The ultimate treatise on ODI cricket, Criconomics is a must-have and must-read for all cricket fans, sports enthusiasts and number buffs.

Praise for the book

A new book brings science to bear on the cricket ratings game - and largely succeeds.

ESPN Cricinfo

The truth about cricket - Economist Surjit Bhalla has been using statistical and econometric models to analyse cricket for decades. The results are fascinating.


Cricket's glorious uncertainties are rendered somewhat predictable through some unorthodox data crunching.

Indian Express